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Endangered species brought to life in augmented reality for Chantecaille

Client: Chantecaille / Internet of Elephants

Skill set: AR / App development / Modelling / Rigging / Animation

Internet of Elephants came to RamJam to create a ground breaking augmented reality app for the philanthropic luxury make up brand Chantecaille.

Chantecaille Wild Beauty lets you experience Africa’s most majestic and endangered wild animals in augmented reality.

Select from a range of endangered animals to find out more about them and place them in your environment to see them come to life, emerging life-size from a Chantecaille eye-shadow compact.

You can move the animals around your space by tapping the floor, resize them to fill a room, have them sit on the palm of your hand or even take a picture with them in selfie mode.

Set against a soundtrack of the African savannah, the animals move and behave as they do in the wild. Making this happen was a huge technical challenge to have run on a mobile device and in augmented reality.