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Our viral game made the news including the BBC, Wired and The Sun

Client: RamJam

Skill set: Games Design / HTML5 / Viral Content

On Thursday 14th July we released the Southern Rail Tycoon game – in response to passenger protests about Southern rail cancellations – to prove the value of news-based games as a form of social currency.

The team announced the game on twitter with only a dozen tweets and – in one week – it had been played over 181,000 times by 79,000 people, with the average game session 1.52 minutes long. Astonishingly the bounce rate was only 7.62%.

Due to the game harnessing a moment in time – the resignation of the Rail Minister, the ‘sinkhole’ affecting London Bridge and closure of Brighton station – it scaled organically across 19 major news outlets.

Coverage included the BBC, Daily Mail, The Sun, Radio 4, Evening Standard, Eurogamer and Wired, bringing attention to a broader audience of circa 450,000.