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Augmented reality wayfinding app for Hanningtons Estate Brighton

Client: Redevco

Skill set: Concept / App Development / Character Design / Animation / 3D Modelling / Augmented Reality

Hanningtons, in Brighton’s North Street and coined the ‘Harrods of Brighton’, was a much loved department store, which traded for nearly 200 years until it closed in 2001.

By the time the store closed, Hanningtons had expanded from one shop to many of the units on North Street, The Lanes and East Street.

Redevco acquired the development in 2015 and started work in early 2017, unearthing areas of the oldest parts of the city that no one has seen for centuries and creating an opulent retail and leisure destination.

Redevco partnered with RamJam to help promote the development of Hanningtons Estate through innovative digital customer experience, resulting in an augmented reality wayfinding app.