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Quick-fire mini games to test your reactions skills

Client: Cisco / Man Bites Dog

Skill set: HTML5 / Game Design / Concept Development / Illustration / Sound Design

Man Bites Dog were looking for an innovative way to showcase Cisco's Meraki Cloud Networking solutions for schools and came to RamJam for help.
Cisco Meraki cloud networking is a cloud-based network platform that grows with your business. It allows you to deploy one or tens of thousands of networks quickly through automation and configuration that’s a breeze.

Some key features that we needed to get across included:

  • Meet specific needs for each location by creating unique configurations
  • Keep all locations aligned to your corporate standards
  • Gain a seamless experience with cloud/on-premises network configurations

To this end we designed 7 fun and fast paced web mini-games to showcase the connectivity that Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking delivers, with the appearance of the Cisco Meraki logo during gameplay sginalling the 'instant win' you could use to easily complete each task.